About us

Numerical Ltd. is a leading supplier of scientific software solutions operating in the Israeli market. We are mainly involved with the supply of sales, support and training for COMSOL® products in Israel. 

Our business culture, like our products, is innovative, dynamic, and cutting edge. Our goal is to provide full local support for our products, including marketing, sales, technical support, training and consultancy services. We are committed to encouraging creativity through an exciting, challenging environment in which individuals can excel and grow.
Our team of talented engineers has many years of vast experience and unique expertise, which provides our customers with quick, high-quality, knowledge based solutions. We believe that talented employees and an active learning environment are keys to our success.

Our customers include industries such as:

Military and Defense
Academy and the education sector

We continuously search for and recognize new and emerging software that can contribute to our goal, to aid our customers reaching their organizational objectives.
 כתובת: פארק המדע, פנחס ספיר 8, נס ציונה I אימייל: info@numerical.co.il  |  טל: 03-9629621

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